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when pictures wrap to multiple pages, it outputs a list of numbers accoridn got the respective numbers of pages. (ie: 6 pages, it lists 1,2,3,4,5,6). It owuld be nice if there was an option or add-on to solely have "Next Page" / "Previous Page".  or even a display a la vbulletin "Pages (3): [1] 2 3 "  ".

just an idea. i find that (amazingly enough), the average user (yes, amazing) cannot figure out that there more then one page with just a list of numbers (no reference to it being page numbers).


Joachim Müller:
good point! Should be easy to integrate...


Someone already done this/working on that?

Will this be added in the next versino, and if yes when will this version be available. Because i could quickly hack the current version to include a feature like that, shouldn't be that hard, but i hate it to make something thqat has already been done.

Joachim Müller:
hasn't been done afaik, why don't you code it?

Can't tell you when the next version will come out (because I don't know), but I think it won't be long before we publish a public beta for testers (let's say: a week or two). This statement is NOT on behalf of the dev team, but just my personal opinion, so don't sue me if I'm wrong...


do't worry, i just came back from vacation, so i have absolutely no money to sue ;)


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