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Author Topic: Alternative web/storage locations  (Read 3346 times)

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Alternative web/storage locations
« on: May 31, 2005, 01:49:58 pm »

Hi, first I love the product!  :)

I experienced myself with coding a online-photo album. Because there are good alternatives (like coppermine...only! ;)) I stopped my coding.
As a feature request I would like to have the oppertuanty to seperate the fysical storage locations of the pictures for the various albums. So most viewed pictures can be placed on a fast-server/website and slow ones on a different. I created it something like this on my own photo-site, because I ran it on my own server conected via ADSL to the internet. The latest pictures (most viewed) where stored on the server of my internet provider and the older ones on my own server. My idea was the following.

A site installation knows default locations for the pictures: one location for tumbnails , one for display-files and one location for the originals (almost like coppermine)
Per Album it was possible to change these default locations (eg tumbnails and display to my provider, the original to my own server)
Per picture the filenames were stored (tumb, disp, org). if the filename has a complete http:// syntax the website didnt put the default location in front, so it was picked up directly from that location.

I used it a lot to temperarily move the most-viewed pictures to a faster server, and to save this space i did it only for the tumbs and display pictures/files. After a while I moved the 'old' most-viewed back to my own server. Actually I only changed the file location in the database of the album for the tumbs and display pictures.

Hope this will be picked up, I would like it. it will only need some extra fields to the database and some if-statements in the php code.

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