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Author Topic: Call Coppermine as an inclusion?  (Read 10291 times)

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Call Coppermine as an inclusion?
« on: September 22, 2003, 01:12:39 pm »

I call all the pages on my homepage via "include". That means I have the "main" page, let's call it goto.php. So, if I want to go to the guestbook I enter

What would be perfect, was if I could do the same with coppermine. Something like

Then I could add the followig code to the goto.php:

Code: [Select]
if &#40;$location == "photogallery"&#41; &#123;
$query_string substr&#40;getenv&#40;"QUERY_STRING"&#41;, strpos&#40;getenv&#40;"QUERY_STRING"&#41;, "&"&#41; + 1&#41;;
$coppermine_page substr&#40;$query_string, 4, strpos&#40;$query_string, "&"&#41; - 4&#41;;
$query_rest substr&#40;$query_string, strpos&#40;$query_string, "&"&#41; + 1&#41;;
include&#40;$coppermine_dir . $coppermine_page . "?" . $query_rest&#41;;

Maybe also:

How about making Coppermine call its own subpages via an "index.php"?

I'm not too sure if the phpnuke version would be what I need, although I don't have phpnuke installed??


PS. If I couldn't make myself clear post your questions here I'll try to answer them :)

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Call Coppermine as an inclusion?
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2003, 04:54:56 pm »

won't work this way (at least not without massive modifications of coppermine) - check the template/theme stuff instead; you can make coppermine look&feel&smell just like the rest of your homepage.

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