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Separate Thumbnail Uploads ?

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I was looking for a mod that would create animated GIF thumbnails, but there appears to be none.

However, I was thinking that if Coppermine could be hacked with a separate thumbnail field, so the user could "Browse" for their animated GIF, then "Browse" for their thumbnail, that this would eliminate the need for those ugly "No Image" icons.

Basically, it would be sort of like a manual thumbnail upload feature for files like Animated GIFs, MPEGs, SWFs, etc. This way, those ugly "No Image" icons will never appear.



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Thanks for the quick response, however I don't think this covers what I'm talking about. The point of the MOD or Code Edit would be to make it so that the Users, not the Admin, would be able to manually upload their custom thumbnail.

Based on the Coppermine Manual section for custom thumbnails, it says the following:

--- Quote ---Uploading:
There are 2 ways to upload custom thumbnails:

1. Have an image already uploaded then upload a video via the upload page. (or vice versa) The video will share the thumbnail of the image.

2. FTP upload both the video and (thumbnail or image) then batch-add. If you FTP upload the thumbnail, the thumbnail will be shown instead of the default Coppermine thumbnail on the batch-add page. If you upload an image it will look like the screenshot. However, when the two files are added, the thumbnail of the image will be used by the video.
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This appears to be only an Admin capable solution. Not something the user or member of the website could do on their own.

When the user is uploading their video, swf file, or animated gif, it would be nice if Coppermine had a "Custom Thumbnail Mod" that would provide the user with two fields:

First Browse Field) For browsing and uploading the original video, SWF, or animated GIF.
Second Browse Field) For manually uploading the cooresponding custom thumbnail that goes with their video, SWF, or animated GIF.

Like this:


and then the confirmation screen like this:


As of now, it appears that every time a user wants to upload a thumbnail for a video or animated GIF, either they have to do some "trick" which no normal member would have the patience to learn...or they have to email the admin and ask the admin to do it for them manually.

Joachim Müller:
good point, valid request imo.



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I totally agree. Perhaps a "Video", "Flash", or "Audio" watermark on the thumb would be a good idea as well.


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