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A few ideas related to image comments

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Well, my image gallery was flooded by kiddies who thought it was KEWL to post comments on every single image and inappropriate comments that launched flamewars (it's not a forum, darn it!) so I finally decided to turn off commenting. In future developments, I'd like an option require approval before comments go up and a way to batch delete comments. When I turned off commenting, I figured I should delete all the comments I had and ended up making my wrist sore in the process. I realize it's possible to ban specific ips from commenting, but by the time I got there, the damage had already been done.

Do you know you can use your groups control panel to set who can and who can't post comments?  I usually prohibit anonymous users from posting.

Yes, but I don't allow uploading or anything like that, so I don't have registration turned on. I thought about turning it on just now, but then I'd just have registered users doing all of that, so it really wouldn't accomplish anything. I suppose that would stop the individuals who just posted so they could look KEWL (sorry about typing that, but it really was that awful  ::) ) posting as "bitch" and "yo mama" but the real issue is that I had no control over what went up.

You misunderstand my point.  Change Anonymous Can post comments to no.  Registration has nothing to do with it.  Or do you mean that you allow anyone to post comments because you don't have any members?

It's off now. But I still had to check off all the comments one by one to delete them.

Since comments went up without approval, I was often unable to get there before stuff erupted.


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