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CPG Release 1.6.26
Correct PHP8.2 issues with user and language managers.
Additional fixes for PHP 8.2
Correct PHP8 error with SMF 2.0 bridge.
Correct IPTC supplimental category parsing.
Download and info HERE

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Author Topic: [*NEW*] CPG 1.2.1 available for all nukes  (Read 4233 times)

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[*NEW*] CPG 1.2.1 available for all nukes
« on: November 06, 2003, 12:24:55 am »

[size=18]CPG nuke1.2.1 now available for download
Alternate Download
NOW Works with PHPNuke 5.5-7.0 and PostNuke[/size]

It's finally done with many new features and a installer for upgrade/new install please READ the installenglish.txt first before you install, this is VERY IMPORTENT!
Please visit out download area to get the latest version.
Partial List Of Changes
  • Added Email notification on Comment option
  • template for edit one pic
  • +Added Title option to sort in albums
  • +Added Absolute URL of a picture in the pic info this helps in giving out links to other people and the same picture will display regardless of the sort setting of the individual
  • option to show url as bookmark or addtobar item should work in IENetscape/mozilla and maybe even opera...
  • +Added Rating option to sort in albums

Separated the breadcrumb block so that it can be placed independently of category
  • +Fixed the bug in
  • +Added Fav Pics Option (users can have a favorite pics album)
  • +Banning (made link to phpbb banning page)
  • +added config settings to mysql and update

'nice_titles','user_table_prefix','advanced_debug_mode','doc_root', 'installed_folder','read_iptc_data', 'module_name'
  • +add config settings to config.php

'nice_titles','advanced_debug_mode','read_iptc_data', '
  • added:

$CPG_DIR = $name;
$CPG_URL = $_SERVER[PHP_SELF].'?name='.$name;
  • db_input.php fixed:

redirection url after an album update has been made.
  • theme.php

Added $CPG_DIR and $CPG_URL to the debug section.
  • Added option to display a clickable filmstrip of thumbnails below the image display
  • Add theme name, phpnuke version and more to debug output  done in default theme Advanced_debug
  • Multi CPG gallery support
  • added code to show full size in new win to non js browsers....
  • edit pic info works! (editonepic.php)
  • $CONFIG['seo_alts'] option to show image title or keyword as alt tag for images in the gallery instead of just the image info (filename size etc.).
  • Added Last Updated Album Block
  • Added Anycontent Block
  • $CONFIG['allow_anon_fullsize'] option to show intermediate/full-size images only to registered users
  • Created install.php in "modules/coppermine" also accessible from Administration menu via "CPG Install/update" link.
  • added links to nuke admin
  • Added Edit Name in comments
  • Added option to choose max height or width for thumbnails - will help in creating nicer looking thumbnail rows and cols
  • -Added IP logging
  • -Added Comment IP viewing(admin only)
  • updated default anon permissions can only rate pictures
  • Added only phpNuke admins have access to config screen
  • Fixed Batch Update to force selection of an album & identify the category of an album gtroll bug in standaloneworking on it  check my server for update...[/list:u]
    CPG nuke1.2.1 now available for download here
    Courtesy of gtroll and DJMaze!
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