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Feature request, remember last album or category.

I am trying to set up coppermine gallery where users are allowed to UL photos to the public categories and albums. I firmly believe in making things as easy as possible for users. I think a great feature for coppermine would be if it could remember the last album a user had browsed when they try and UL pictures.

For instance I have photo catergories for all 50 states in the US. Inside each state category there are albums for each major city. The feature I would like to see is, if a user had browsed to Texas/Dallas and then selects UL files from the top menu, when he is filling in the information, have the pulldown that lists available albums default to the album he was browsing when he decided to UL.

To me this makes the process easier and more transparent for the user. He was browsing photos, looked at some photos of Dallas Texas, and since he has some cool pics of dallas decided to UL them. Rather than having to look through an endless menu of albums to find /texas/dallas. . . . .if that was already selected for him by default. . . . .

Users would adopt the work flow of browsing to where they want to UL their photos which in my mind is easier than deciding after the fact.

Anybody agree? Feedback?

I think it's a valid idea.


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