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CPG Release 1.6.26
Correct PHP8.2 issues with user and language managers.
Additional fixes for PHP 8.2
Correct PHP8 error with SMF 2.0 bridge.
Correct IPTC supplimental category parsing.
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Author Topic: Problems with Group Integration, phpBB  (Read 4012 times)

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Problems with Group Integration, phpBB
« on: September 24, 2005, 08:28:14 am »

Dear develloppers,

First of all, I'd like to say that I tried to solve the problem by searching for a similar on the forum but since I couldn't find any, I decided to make a topic.

On my website I have phpbb 2.0.17 installed, and yesterday I decided to install coppermine and use the integration function. Everything went well and they both seem to work fine, no problems with the logging in or out, they use the same database etc... But! There seeems to be a problem with the groups. When I log in with my administrator account I can easily upload new images etc, but when I switch to "user mode" it says that there are no albums where I could upload images. I tried the same thing with another, normal account, but still, I couldn't upload pictures. We have never used groups in our phpbb board, so I decided that this could be the problem. I created a test group, added myself (as a moderator) and joined in with another account. The gallery detected automatically the new group and I set up its permissions. Nothing happened. It kept on saying that I can nat upload albums. Then, just to try, I created a fresh account from the gallery (and it redirected me to the forum nicely) and guess what!, I could upload with the new account. My question is: what should I do in order to integrate all of the users in the forum so that they are correctly recognized by the gallery. &

user: taligga
pass: ***

note that this is the freshly created account, so you shouldn't have problems with uploading

bridge file:

// database configuration
define('PHPBB_DB_NAME', '***'); // The name of the database used by the board
define('PHPBB_BD_HOST', 'localhost'); // The name of the database server
define('PHPBB_DB_USERNAME', '***'); // The username to use to connect to the database
define('PHPBB_DB_PASSWORD', '***'); // The password to use to connect to the database

// The web path to your phpBB directory
// If your URL to your board is for example '',
// you'll have to set the below var to '/phpBB2/'.
define('PHPBB_WEB_PATH', '/forum/');
// Logout Flag
// the value of this boolean constant depends on your phpBB version:
// If your version of phpBB is 2.0.4 or lower - change the value to FALSE;
// if your version of phpBB is 2.0.5 or newer - leave it as TRUE

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Problems with Group Integration, phpBB
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2005, 01:34:42 pm »

The problem was solved with deleting the cpg tables from MyAdmin and a freshn Installation of the gallery, you can delete the topic.
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