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Author Topic: adding more comment fields  (Read 2597 times)

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adding more comment fields
« on: September 01, 2004, 09:07:29 pm »


Just wanted to tell you your system works great and I set it up in almost a matter of minutes (after I got our web admin to change permissions on the required folders).  I love the interface and it is just what we need.

I am writing because I wanted to make sure that I am modifying the correct pages to add in more comment fields. Basically, along with msg_body, I want to add in msg_pic_year, so that the user can look at the picture in the gallery and add in the year that it was made (this is a photo gallery for some art archivists).  Eventually, I'll have to add in more fields, but I'm just starting with msg_pic_year so I get a feel for your system first.

By the way, I am using the classic theme, which you'll see below.

Things I have done so far:

1.  mysql table cpg132_comments:  altered table to add in msg_pic_year varchar(4)

2.  displayimage.php: Altered function html_comments() to add in msg_pic_year field to select query.

3.  displayimage.php: Altered function html_comments() to add in '{MSG_PIC_YEAR}' => $row['msg_pic_year'], to params array  that starts w/ {MSG_AUTHOR}

4.  displayimage.php: Altered function html_comments() to add in '{MSG_PIC_YEAR}' => $row['msg_pic_year'],to params array that starts w/ {ADD_YOUR_COMMENT}

5.  /lang/english.php: Altered $lang_display_comments array to add in   'msg_pic_date'=>'Year',

6.  /themes/classic/theme.php: added <td class="tableb_compact"> {MSG_PIC_DATE} </td> after <td class="tableb_compact"> {COMMENT} </td>

7.  /themes/classic/theme.php: added in the textbox for the new field

8.  db_input.php: altered the update/insert queries in switch($event) statement so that msg_pic_year also updated

I'm now stuck at trying to get input that I add into the msg_pic_year text field to not bomb the insert query.  Any ideas?  Still working on this.  If I can get this to work, this would be the perfect thing for my faculty.

Thx in advance, cindyh
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Re: adding more comment fields
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2004, 10:33:51 pm »

I should mention that I can view the new field just fine (I put in some values into mysql to see), but I think I screwed up my mods in db_input.php because the addition seems to cause an error.  I suspected a couple of things, but none of them seem to be panning out.

--i did indeed screw up in db_input.php.  I failed to see the second case statement.  Fixed it and now my inserts work just fine.  I'll do a final bug check to see if I missed stuff. 
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Re: adding more comment fields
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2004, 11:10:00 pm »

Hi testcindyh,

Your modification is something that I would be very interested in implementing as well. Other gallery programs such as 4images have the extra field built-in (e.g. for website or email).

How is the modification going? All done without any bug?

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