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Title: Classified ad system & Coppermine
Post by: zorbas2 on September 14, 2004, 05:26:30 pm
Hi all,

Coppermine is brillant and the users of it must be the same - espacially when I look at this lively board...
Also a big THANK YOU to all dev's and wizards!!
I use coppermine quite long now and did lately also the integration into my punBB. Like this I got also a quite lively community going(

So here is my question:
I want to provide my visitors with a non-commercial classified ad system. So I am searching for a simple (not feature overloaded but freeware/GPL) script doing this. It would be perfect if this script could after a slight modification use the same user database as coppermine and punBB. Can someone recommend such a script?

I'll get notified in case of replies so take your time to think this over ;-)

Take care,