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Title: A big thank you
Post by: danielg on October 24, 2003, 07:10:26 pm
I wanted to create a site celebrating the birth of my first baby girl... I tried a lot of programs for making the galleries to sharing them with my related and other friends from different places ( )... thumbnail creators, dreamweaver extensions, jasc photo album, and so on... but every time I had new pics, it was a mess to update the page... so I hunted for a online solution... I tried some of them, but none of them like Coppermine... -> what can I say, it is the best thing happened to me in long time... Easy to install, ez to upload pix (I always use ftp, maybe the option some people have requested of uploading pix with folders, and coppermine generating automatically albums for them would be nice)... the only thing that I noted it was that all development was thanks to Greg (thx Greg!), so I guessed the updates were going to be less than with a team of developers, as phpBB that I use too, for example. So imagine my happiness when I found that a Development Team was now in charge of this beauty pice of software...

ps. "Powered by Coppermine Photo Gallery version 1.2" would be nice, and nested albums :)
Title: A big thank you
Post by: Zarsky on November 04, 2003, 06:10:28 pm
Yes Greg gave us a great project to continue, and I know all of us appreciate these little thank yous for the small part we have played to date.