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Title: Unified Login
Post by: monty671 on August 22, 2004, 06:13:03 am
Unified Login

This is not just for Mambo.  This goes out to all of the different parts of a website.
Like PHPBB, Invision Power Board, Coppermine and all of the other things one could put on thier web site.

I would be nice to have a Unified login system. 

This could be a seperated database that all units would look at for user login.  This would allow a single login across a complete website.  No  matter what parts a person chooses to make a site, the site would seem more complete and professional.

This could even be taken a step further and allow a multiple sites to share the same databse.

Unified login system could allow shared user registration and username.  Not saying single logon to all the sites.  The shared logon database would be under the administrators control.  Only other sites that the administrator allows could have access the shared database.

ie... user would only need to register once to be able to log onto mamboserver and mambers and mamboportal.  Would work with other "TRUSTED" websites.

However I also understand that this would mean a lot of different programmers to would have to join together to create this. (A standards body) 
I believe however in the end, This would good for the community as a whole.

Just an idea for thought.


Title: Re: Unified Login
Post by: Tranz on August 22, 2004, 06:22:24 am
Are you talking about BBS Integration? The CPG documentation discusses it. There is a forum here just for it:

It is also known as bridging. Does that answer your request?
Title: Re: Unified Login
Post by: omniscientdeveloper on August 22, 2004, 06:43:07 am
He's not talking about bridging. Although it's a good idea, I think it's just wishful thinking. I doubt the opensource community would come together to make something like this.

Title: Re: Unified Login
Post by: monty671 on August 23, 2004, 07:12:30 pm
Correct.  I am not talking about a bridge or about BBS Integration.

What I am talking about is a seperate master logon.  Programs would respond one of two ways.

When a program runs it would look to see it a master logon progam is running.
  1.  If a master logon program is present then the program would use the for user control...
  2.  If NO master logon program is present then the program would continue to use it's internal user logon control.

This would allow a web site to offer a single resistration and logon no matter what programs are loaded on the web site.

ie.  Goldmine, Mambo, PHP-Nuke, PHPBB, PHPChat or any other addition one might add to a site.

This however would have to be built and managed someplace like sourceforge.


Title: Re: Unified Login
Post by: Joachim Müller on August 23, 2004, 11:05:26 pm
I'm afraid this will probably remain wishfull thinking, as there is a certain amount of rivalry between many open source apps that have similar functions (e.g. bbs apps). There have been initiatives in the past to come up with unified login (a very well known example is Microsoft's passport service), but all open source versions failed - seems like only the big fishes in the pond will be able to do this.