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Title: Can coppermine do this?...
Post by: shaddy on July 31, 2004, 09:48:03 pm
I belong to a woodworking forum, and we like to post pictures of our work...  The problem is the site's old, and doesn't have it's own picture feature.  Starting a new forum isn't an option at this point (old dogs, no new tricks).  We use places like clubphoto to upload our stuff to, then hotlink to it, BUT most of the time you have to pay to get that feature (otherwise they insert ads instead of letting the picture show).

SO...  I have a site with enough storage, and I wanted to let users create a login, upload pics, then hotlink to them from the woodworking forum.  I won't necessarily need the full blown gallery options, because I want this just to be a supplement to the forum where users can temporarily store pictures for others to see through the hotlink.  There may be 100 users, more or less.  I may, as an admin, want to go through and delete older pictures (automatically?) to ensure the 'temporary' nature of my picture storing site (I still have other plans for my site, and don't want old files just taking up space that I may need).  I'd also want to insure no uploading of anyhting but jpg's.

Any ideas for me?
Title: Re: Can coppermine do this?...
Post by: Joachim Müller on August 01, 2004, 08:12:02 am
try Coppermine with bbs integration: this way, your users need to login only once (to your forum), coppermine will use the forum's user management. You can easily remove some of the advanced features of coppermine if you don't need them, simply by removing the menu items that link to them. Alas, there's no automatic purging of older files, you will have to clean the uploads manually (using the coppermine  user interface though). It also requires some extra settings to allow jpg uploads only, as coppermine comes with multimedia support. You will have to disable mutlimedia uploads (no big deal though). Why don't you give it a try and ask questions once it's set up and running. You won't have to show it to your users untill it's fully set up.

Title: Re: Can coppermine do this?...
Post by: shaddy on August 03, 2004, 12:01:59 am
OK, I have it up finally (had to chmod all the php's from 666 to 755, kept getting server error 500).  And now seems to be working as it was meant to.

I was wondering if I could mod one of the 'Custom fields' so that the full path to the full sized pic would automatically be inserted into it.  That way they could cut and paste that instead of clicking on the thumbs, then the full sized, then having to right click and get the path.

Not sure how to go about doing that, might be able to add some code that uses the variables that are already filled with the proper info...  but I'm brand spanking new to PHP.  I've only used a little visual basic and HTML.  I don't know which .php I'd have to edit, and what the proper variables would be.

Title: Re: Can coppermine do this?...
Post by: Joachim Müller on August 03, 2004, 08:21:10 am
my advice is to be extremely carefull with full-size images - I wouldn't link to them (the jpg, that is, but to the surrounding php file. If you look a full-size pop-up, hit [Ctrl]+[N] on your keyboard to open the opo-up in a new window that has an address bar. You'll notice that it's something like http://yourdomain.tld/your_coppermine_folder/displayimage.php?pid=1234&fullsize=1
If you must set a link, set it to this url. You can easily modify the displayimage file to display a direct link to the full-size, but what happens for pics where the full-size pic is smaller than the size you set for intermediates?
To make this one short: I recommend not linking to the full-size at all, but to the intermediate sized image embedded in a regular coppermine page. This way, you keep full control over the user's action.


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