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Title: Quick jump to category/album
Post by: foulu on July 27, 2004, 03:06:08 pm
My gallery at:
I try to coding a jump to category/album but not luck. I add {DROP} in template.html to do that. I want a function that

-read all cat and album name and return like this:

<option value=0 SELECTED>Category / Album Jump</option>
<option value=Category 1 id SELECTED>Category 1 name</option>
<option value=alb 1 id SELECTED>alb1 name</option>
<option value=Category 2 id SELECTED>Category 2 name</option>
<option value=alb 2 id SELECTED>alb2 name</option>
<option value=alb 3 id SELECTED>alb3 name</option>

and so on...

It my final add on in my gallery