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Title: Imagemagik/Netpbm binaries
Post by: asonline on July 23, 2004, 01:39:34 am
Not all servers have image manipulation programs, such as Imagemagik. However, is there anyway that you can use Imagemagic or Netpbm binaries uploaded onto a folder instead, like 'Gallery' is able to do, to manipulate the images? I am not aware of this feature in coppermine, and it would be an excellent addition, especially for those who are lacking the server requirements.

Title: Re: Imagemagik/Netpbm binaries
Post by: kegobeer on July 23, 2004, 02:01:56 am
Not all servers have image manipulation programs

I'm not 100% sure on this, but I haven't run across a server that is php-enabled that doesn't have GD.  So anyone using Coppermine should have no problems since GD is part of php.

As for ImageMagick being uploaded by a user: this is a host installed program.  I know of a few people that have gotten it to work by uploading it themselves, but it's not easy.  I use ImageMagick - if you don't have it, most hosts will install it for you if you ask.  They'll give you the location, and it's just a matter of selecting ImageMagick in the config section and putting in the location.

NetPBM: I"ve used NetPBM before, and have no problems with it.  The Enhanced Downloads module by Nukestyles requires the use of NetPBM.  It's just a matter of developing the image manipulation code and making a class, like imageObjectIM and imageObjectGD.  So far, this hasn't been an issue.  If you are familiar with NetPBM, feel free to develop the class and test it out.  Adding NetPBM as an option in the config section wouldn't be very hard.
Title: Re: Imagemagik/Netpbm binaries
Post by: Joachim Müller on July 23, 2004, 11:13:42 am
Menalto Gallery needs either ImageMagick or NetPBM, Coppermine needs either ImageMagick or GD. If you have ImageMagick, you're free to chose. If you have GD only (which is the case for most webhosted users) and you shy away from installing NtePBM on your server, you will have to go for Coppermine  ;)

Basically Kegobeer's post said it all - you're free to come up with additional code that makes Coppermine work with NetPBM as well, we'd be happy to integrate it into future versions.