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Title: sub-board rules, read first!
Post by: Joachim Müller on July 22, 2004, 10:32:01 am
Purpose of this sub-board
There have been requests in the past from users requesting customization or install help, or who where looking for programmers or designers and were willing to pay for it. To give those users a place where they can post their paid customization requests, we started this sub-board.

Coppermine dev team members usually don't do paid customizations - this sub-board is meant for users looking to get in contact with freelance coders or designers who understand coppermine.

Details needed
It's advisable to post the budget you're ready to spend, the time schedule you have in mind and as many details as possible on the customization you need - a link to your page is mandatory.

Things to avoid
Please avoid things like "contact me" or "Help, willing to pay" - instead just enable notification for the thread, so you will get an email notification if someone replies to the thread.

Do not post your email address
It is not advisable to post your email address in your thread - this will only make email harvesters store your email address, resulting in even more spam. Just enable notifictions for the thread you start instead. You'll be emailed then if potential job takers reply to your thread.

No guarantees
You have to understand that there are no guarantees someone will be willing to code the modifications you want...

Most importantly - this board is just a medium for communication - it is no guarantee for any programmer's competency. You have to judge that yourself

By using this service you absolve Coppermine Development team of any liabilities legal or otherwise which may arise from using this service.

Resolve your thread
Once you find a programmer OR you close the project please post in the thread that the project is now closed.
It appears that thread starters (people who request paid help) and freelancers (who offer to actually do support) often forget to come back to their thread here and post the actual status of the help request or if a job has been done.
Therefor, I will go through the postings on this board from time to time and mark all threads that have been inactive for more than a month as "closed" (as a sort of "spring cleaning"). Nevertheless, please do as advised above and post if a job is done. Especially freelancers who offer their help should do so to increase their reputation.

No advertizing for webhosting allowed
Please do not post new threads on this board to advertise for webhosting that comes bundled with coppermine installs or free support - in fact, don't start advert threads at all on this board. There are two threads on the "General discussion (" board that already deals with webhosting: Web Hosting for Coppermine photo Album ( and Free web host supporting the Copermine requirements (

A sidenote: it is OK to start adverts like "Freelancer will do paid Coppermine customizations and installs" or similar.

Don't be lazy
When new threads on this board are being started and it is obvious that the thread starters haven't read this sticky thread so far, they are usually being told to read it then and review their posting. Most fail to do as suggested, resulting in frustration. simply because nobody replies to their request for paid help. Let me repeat this: the rules and recommendations in this thread do not just simply exist to boss people around; they exist instead to make it more likely that your question will be anwered and your job offer will be taken.

Title: Re: sub-board rules, read first!
Post by: Joachim Müller on October 11, 2009, 09:17:33 pm
Bumping this thread to top of the list.