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Title: Bridging and User Profile PHPBB 3.3
Post by: darthanian on February 01, 2021, 11:41:40 pm
PhPBB 3.3.2
Coppermine 1.6.10

I've got the bridging somewhat working. I've been reading the documentation, and some other posts and anything i can find. A couple come close to my question. In the PHPBB user profile i want the "Gallery field to link to the coppermine gallery. Very simple? no?   

Forum is in base directory

When i insert the gallery number in the profile it references this address:  which gives me file not found error.

When i click on "my gallery" in the coppermine system returns and obviously works fine.

Bridge Manager : PG1   

I just need simple things, this board will not be very big.  It pulls the user info over just fine and goes back the profile, just trying to integrate the profile link would be nice.

I'm not a programmer but can muddle my way through a lot.

I tried turning on enable url rewriting, a post I found mentioned that, but it didn't help.

test acct:

I will continue to search in the mean time.  TIA