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Title: Batch update of image data
Post by: Paul2116 on May 13, 2020, 01:28:40 pm
I'm surprised nobody has asked for this before.

When I batch upload a gallery of images using FTP it would be really helpful if i could also batch update the title, description and keywords for the image, at the same time.

Having to manually type in 100 (ish) titles, descriptions and associated keywords is unbelievably tedious. It would be much easier to upload a text file along with the images. The text file can contain a comma separated list of filename, title, description and keywords and the keywords can be a semicolon separated list.
Title: Re: Batch update of image data
Post by: ron4mac on May 13, 2020, 01:56:03 pm
And how would this text file get created without the need to tediously type it all? And coordinating that file with the batch upload could be messy.

I do see that there could be some convenience in having an admin tool that could be used to download a tab-delimited file that could be opened as a spreadsheet, edited and uploaded with changes. And that method could be useful regardless of how or when files were uploaded. Is that something that sounds useful to you?
Title: Re: Batch update of image data
Post by: Paul2116 on June 12, 2020, 04:31:40 pm
In practice, most of the descriptions are similar and the titles tend to follow a pattern so I use Excel with a lot of copying and pasting and then export the result to a csv file. If you take a look at you can see what I mean.

Iíve written a script to bulk load the descriptions and titles, which makes the job a lot easier. The script works for me but itís not even remotely close to coppermine standard. In my defence, I havenít cut code in years and had to give myself a crash course in php.

Attached is a copy of the script. It makes no real difference to me but, if someone would like to take the script and turn it into an administrator feature for others to use, I think it would prove useful.