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Title: Keywords add plugin
Post by: sjj1805 on March 24, 2020, 11:48:10 am
Sorry If I posted this in the wrong Place.
There is a plug in for Version 1,5
Keywords add plugin for cpg1.5.x (,70360.0.html)
I am now in the process of combining a family tree program with my coppermine collection and have found a need to add new keywords to a few thousand of my photographs.
I realise that many of the plug ins for version 1.5 will not work with version 1.6 but I was wondering if any of you clever experts could take a peek to see if there is a minor tweak that can be made to get it to work.
The plug in gets stuck at the point where it asks you to "select an album in which you want to add information"
It could be a minor tweak or if not thank you for looking at it.
Title: Re: Keywords add plugin
Post by: ron4mac on March 25, 2020, 03:34:26 am
Here is an Admin Tool to modify keywords (add, remove, clear).

Place it in the tools directory of your CPG install. (it should be a folder named re_key)

Access it from the Admin Tools menu.

Note: Included with CPG beginning with version 1.6.14