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Title: Suggestion for main Coppermine website
Post by: bobbinalong on August 16, 2019, 10:55:13 am
When a user visits the Coppermine website (http:// it is not clear which is the current version and how to get started. Currently the download button indicates 1.6.05 but there is nothing on the front page about 1.6 only that 1.5.46 users should upgrade to 1.5.48. I use 1.5.48 and have not seen any release announcements or any "teasers" or other actual information about 1.6 and its features, only a section on this forum, so believed it was still in development and test.

Is 1.6.05 the current stable release and should I upgrade my live website to that?

If so how? Is it the same upgrade method as with 1.5.xx to 1.5.48 or new?

Please could we have all the basic information obviously available without needing to check forums or wade through documentation?