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Title: Saving Data
Post by: pamibo on August 08, 2019, 10:59:05 am
I've been using Coppermine for over 10 years for a photo gallery of a forum (community). (Version 1.6.x) There are now over 50,000 photos saved. The data content amounts to about 12GB.
When backing up the directory userpics I get now often problems because the FTP program breaks off already when listing the photos. Now I have tried it by tar and wget (Linux PC) and there it works easily, although I only secure weekly because the amount of data takes about 30 minutes for the download. I'll put it in the crontab and automate it.
My question to you, how do you secure your data, which programs do you work with and how does it work for you?
Thanks for an answer and a few experiences.
Kind regards
Title: Re: Saving Data
Post by: ron4mac on August 09, 2019, 06:00:45 pm
Since you are using linux, look into using rsync.
some links (but there may be better ones):

I use Mac OS and use cron/rsync to daily backup files from several different remote servers to my local machine. It is usually very fast because it only copies what files are new or have changed.  And I have the added benefit, because of Time Machine for Mac OS, that I can go back in time to access old, perhaps deleted, files.