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Title: Picture navigation plugin for cpg1.6.x
Post by: Αndré on January 11, 2019, 08:54:51 pm
This is the cpg1.6.x and PHP7 compatible version of the Picture navigation plugin.

If you install this plugin you can go to the prev/next image by clicking on the appropriate area of next to the image. If a full-sized picture exists, you can access it by clicking in the middle of the picture. The mouse cursor will change its icon so you can easily see what will happen when you click.

It's probably a great plugin if you have visitors with MIDs or smart phones, because your gallery now has much bigger areas where the visitor can touch/click.

Note: if you're also using the Panorama Viewer plugin, move this plugin below the Panorama Viewer plugin in the plugin manager. Otherwise it won't work on 360° panoramas.

Note: if the panorama viewer plugin is installed, the buttons use a fixed width of 50px. Otherwise they'll use as much space as possible.