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Title: Hot pictures plugin for cpg1.6.x
Post by: Αndré on November 28, 2018, 11:37:01 am
This is the cpg1.6.x and PHP7 compatible version of the Hot pictures plugin.

Set pictures as 'hot' for x days and display them in a meta album 'hotpics'.

This plugin is the result of a freelance request by altenae (;u=12710). Just install the plugin as described in the Coppermine docs. By default it will add 3 buttons to the intermediate page view for the administrator. In codebase.php you can change those buttons
Code: [Select]
$buttons = array(1, 2, 3); // each number will create a button 'Hot for x days'and also determine, which user groups will see the buttons
Code: [Select]
$groups = array(1); // enter the group IDs which should be allowed to set pictures as 'hot'(there's no web configuration interface available).