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Title: Successfully upgraded gallery from 1.5.46 & now with mobile theme.
Post by: sharpo on November 16, 2018, 10:21:07 pm
Over the last couple of hours or so I have upgraded one of my large 1.5.46 galleries to version 1.6.04.

Theme Switch plugin and Mobile Light work perfectly for mobile use.

Also included are Keyboard Navigation, MiniCMS, Lightbox, and HTML5 Slideshow plugins.

After much trial and error, and much help from the team here - it can be done!!! The appearance may not appeal to everybody, but it was a gallery started back in 2007 with over 8000 images. Web space didn't seem cheap to me in those days and I standardised on 957 x 638 size images to keep costs down. The gallery almost ground to a halt when I started using a camcorder 4 years ago, images cropped from video were small and poor quality, but a 4K camcorder now gives excellent results for adding images to the gallery and I'm busy adding new images again.
Title: Re: Successfully upgraded gallery from 1.5.46 & now with mobile theme.
Post by: sharpo on November 17, 2018, 08:51:06 pm
Feeling very confident, I just upgraded my last 1.5.46 gallery. The whole process took just over an hour, after backing up files and database of course!! It did include a few edits as mentioned below to get things right or the way I wanted them.

I used upgrader.php and got the same problem as with previous upgrades, a problem with "max size for uploaded files". Doesn't seem to accept round numbers like 300 or 500, each time I had to change to 304 or 504.

HTML5 slideshow, I didn't like the title or description overwriting the top of the image, but now there is an edit which can be made to one of the files so that any text appears at the bottom of the screen. Less of a distraction for me.

Lightbox notes for net, same problem again, the "X" and ">" to stop and play the slideshow were away from the image and no text showing below the image. An edit to correct that is also available.

Once again with the mobile light theme and theme switch added, it looks good on my mobile.

After what has seemed like a tiring and difficult few weeks, I can now get a few things done - like trying to tidy up my galleries and make them easier to navigate. This final gallery has around 25,000 images!