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Title: Need 1 Time Help
Post by: GWPDA on June 13, 2016, 07:34:32 pm
I own the Great War Primary Documents Archive site -  Some time ago, one of my allies put together a SUPERB Coppermine gallery of WWI images - probably the best one going.  He has since passed away, and whilst his gallery has been going on beautifully for quite awhile it has now crashed and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIX IT.  From the error message it's producing it seems to be a MySQL thing - 'Access denied for user 'cd078' @ 'localhost' using password: YES .  Yes, the password for the site has been changed.
I'm an HTML geek and a digital historian, and this is beyond me. 

What I need is someone to correct the problem and bring the gallery live so that I can transfer it into a medium I can control.  I should have done this some time ago, but as always, things get out of hand.

I'm happy to pay whatever is necessary and of course, consult to make required information available.  This will be a one time job, but one that will salvage a very very useful site.

Jane Plotke
Title: Re: Need 1 Time Help
Post by: Αndré on June 13, 2016, 07:37:09 pm
You can adjust the MySQL password in include/
Title: Re: Need 1 Time Help
Post by: GWPDA on June 13, 2016, 08:44:14 pm
Yes, I can.  I can even locate a/the reference to the apparently no longer operable password.  What I cannot seem to locate is the use of the password.  It seems to be attached to an internal MySQL database, but using CPanel I can find no administrative tool to allow me to change the password at its source.  All I have is a config document listing the p/w, db name and all that. 
Title: Re: Need 1 Time Help
Post by: Phill Luckhurst on June 14, 2016, 01:17:13 pm
Usually the password and db are setup inside the control panel using one of the tools available there, sometimes they also have a third party tool such as phpmyadmin. If you can gain access to the database via phpmyadmin then you should be able to change the password. The details in the file Andre mentioned as I am sure you are aware, are the credentials for coppermine to access the database, so they need to tie in with whatever is set in the database. It might be easier for your host to advise as the cpanels are often customised to each hosts needs.
Title: Re: Need 1 Time Help
Post by: gmc on June 18, 2016, 11:59:25 pm
Were you able to correct your issues?