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Title: mySQL error: Unknown column 'access_level' in 'field list'
Post by: Nookster on December 09, 2012, 01:44:53 am
Unfortunately it is not working for me.  I was on 1.4.19, successfully upgraded to 1.4.29.  I tried to upgrade to 1.5.20 and am getting fatal errors.  I've backed, restored the database,
and tried again half a dozen times.  Each time, after I run update.php, when I go the gallery I get a fatal error.  I set debug_mode to 1 in cpg_config using mysql and now I get the following error:

While executing query 'SELECT MAX(group_quota) AS disk_max, MIN(group_quota) AS disk_min, MAX(can_rate_pictures) AS can_rate_pictures, MAX(can_send_ecards) AS can_send_ecards, MAX(can_post_comments) AS can_post_comments, MAX(can_upload_pictures) AS can_upload_pictures, MAX(can_create_albums) AS can_create_albums, MAX(has_admin_access) AS has_admin_access, MAX(access_level) AS access_level, MIN(pub_upl_need_approval) AS pub_upl_need_approval, MIN( priv_upl_need_approval) AS  priv_upl_need_approval FROM cpg_usergroups WHERE group_id in (3)' in bridge/ on line 323

mySQL error: Unknown column 'access_level' in 'field list'
Title: Re: mySQL error: Unknown column 'access_level' in 'field list'
Post by: Αndré on December 10, 2012, 11:07:00 am
Check if your MySQL user has permission to ALTER tables. If you don't know how, please read this post (,74537.msg358841.html#msg358841) and that corresponding post (,74537.msg358844.html#msg358844).

Next time, please don't hijack threads and search the boards before you post, as there are already some threads that dealing with that issue.