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Title: fancy urls (with Apache mod_rewrite)
Post by: blueyed on October 19, 2003, 08:32:08 pm
I'm building my site using fancy URLs (=static looking URLs), that will be redirected through Apache's mod_rewrite module.
AFAICS Coppermine has no support for that yet, but that would be cool. You would need an option to turn in on through Admin panel and put a set of rules into .htaccess or httpd.conf.
What do you think?

Now I have the following rules:
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RewriteRule ^en/gallery/(.*)?(.*) /gallery/$1?$2&lang=english
RewriteRule ^en/gallery/(.*) /gallery/$1?lang=english

RewriteRule ^de/gallery/(.*)?(.*) /gallery/$1?$2&lang=german
RewriteRule ^de/gallery/(.*) /gallery/$1?lang=german

That redirects my two supported languages to the coppermine path.

bug report
It works quite good, but leads to problems. I saw it for the "to user mode" link, that will be:
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resulting in
"Script called without the required parameter(s)." - probably due to the questionmark in the referer GET variable, which should be escaped.
Don't know, if there are other issues..