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Title: Problem with plugin smart_catlist v 1.1
Post by: BroeselCux on August 19, 2011, 05:12:31 pm
Iím a newbee with coppermine gallery. Iím using version 1.4.27. I want to hide special categories to unregistered guest. And thatísís what the plugin from mil1616 seems to do.

I loaded it up, installed it. When entering the categorie manager a new field is there where I can select whether the category is visible for guests or not. But this does not work right. If I switch it to unvisible, the form ist updated automatically, the field is set back to visible and the settings are not saved. I tried this with IE9 and Firefox. I checked the database. The table categories contains now a new field named visibility. The setting for visible seems to bee 0 and not visible 1. If I change it via myphp there is no result by showing or not showing the categories.
Has anybody any idea what I can do to make it work?

Best regards