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Title: CPM fetch problem!
Post by: mileycyruscotv on March 31, 2011, 03:38:19 pm
so I installed coppermine version 1.5.12 from fantastico installer and I tried installing CPM fetch. Here is what I did-

1.Uploaded to the gallery folder
2. Unzipped it
3. changed the permission of all the files in the folder from 644 to 755.
4. Ran

and this is what I got -

Test images - found a total of 598 images:
If all went well, you will see some random images from your gallery displayed here. If not, you may in fact have a problem and will need to seek help by clicking here.

Unknown column 'p.owner_name' in 'field list'
SELECT p.filepath AS pFilepath, p.filename AS pFilename, p.aid AS pAid, p.filesize AS pFilesize, p.title AS pTitle, p.caption AS pCaption, p.owner_name AS pOwner_name, p.owner_id as pOwnerId, p.ctime AS pCtime, p.hits AS pHits, AS pPid, p.pic_rating AS pPic_Rating, p.votes AS pVotes, p.pwidth AS pWidth, p.pheight AS pHeight, p.user1 as pUser1, p.user2 as pUser2, p.user3 as pUser3, p.user4 as pUser4, c.cid as cCid, as cName, c.description as cDescription, c.pos as cPos, c.parent as cParent, c.thumb as cThumb, u.user_lastvisit AS uUser_lastvisit,u.user_regdate AS uUser_regdate,u.user_email AS uUser_email,u.user_profile1 AS uUser_profile1,u.user_profile2 AS uUser_profile2,u.user_profile3 AS uUser_profile3,u.user_profile4 AS uUser_profile4,u.user_profile5 AS uUser_profile5,u.user_profile6 AS uUser_profile6, a.aid AS aAid, a.title AS aTitle, a.description AS aDescription, a.visibility as aVisibility, a.pos as aPos, a.category as aCategory, a.thumb as aThumb, a.keyword as aKeyword FROM cpg_pictures AS p LEFT JOIN cpg_users AS u ON p.owner_id = u.user_id LEFT JOIN cpg_albums AS a ON p.aid = a.aid LEFT JOIN cpg_categories AS c ON a.category = c.cid WHERE 1 AND p.approved='YES' AND ((a.visibility = 0 OR a.visibility IS NULL) AND (a.alb_password IS NULL OR a.alb_password = "")) ORDER BY p.ctime DESC LIMIT 0,4

Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/selenamg/public_html/gallery/cpmfetch/cpmfetch_dao.php on line 1260

Warning: mysql_free_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/selenamg/public_html/gallery/cpmfetch/cpmfetch_dao.php on line 1264

Also, I get the same thing on my site on which I also installed coppermine from fantastico :(

Please help me out here
Title: Re: CPM fetch problem!
Post by: Αndré on March 31, 2011, 04:03:35 pm
Unknown column 'p.owner_name' in 'field list'

The column owner_name has been dropped in cpg1.5.x, so I guess you're using an outdated version of CPMFetch. You should also read that document:
Title: Re: CPM fetch problem!
Post by: lurkalot on March 31, 2011, 08:51:37 pm
See and read this thread.,65412.0.html