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Title: upload issue and home link
Post by: jennacide on February 13, 2011, 06:26:38 am
I have two separate issues and I'm not sure if I should post in uploads or... ?
I believe these issues began after installing CPMFetch (v 2.0.) As a fresh (manual) install, I could upload photos without incident and everything as functional.
I've found a few other posts made by other users who seem to have this issue but they were either unresolved or slightly different issues as I am having and the resolutions do not seem to work for me. I've been searching for a resolution for a few days so I have exhausted all the keywords I know to use for this issue.

I plan on bridging this but it's causing a new onslaught of issues so I thank you in advance for any help.

1) The home link on the menu does not work right. If I am on the configurations page, 'home' simply reloads the configurations page. This goes the same for any other page, such as album list, etc. The link it points to corresponds to whatever page you're viewing at that time. Basically the only time 'home' points to the front page is if you're already there.

2) I cannot upload photos without receiving an error -- Only files with the following extensions are accepted: ( no extensions are listed)

Coppermine version 1.5.12
test acct: tester
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Title: Re: upload issue and home link
Post by: jennacide on February 13, 2011, 07:20:15 am
Oops! The field for acceptable file extensions was empty. This resolves the issue as a standalone.

However, when bridged with joomla, a few other issues show up. I will start another thread.