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Title: Sub-folders in Userpics
Post by: tflaat on February 06, 2011, 10:27:14 pm
I'm running 4.1.19 and I need to upgrade. First I started to backup the userpics folder. I then realised that I just had a few sub folders there and that most of the pictures were stored directly in Userpics. This folder has now more than 11,000 files and I am afraid that this will cause problems. I have spent quite some time reading post in this forum and I understand that Coppermind creates one file per user. I have 65 users with one or more albums, so there should be more folders. The gallery was created in 2008 and from the dates of files it looks like it stopped creating folders the same year.

Could it be caused by an upgrade I did(can't remember if end when)?
Could it be because I switched on the user id integration with Phorum ?
Will this cause problems for me in the future?
If so, is there anything I can do to get it fixed? Should I do anything before I ugrade?
I have a lot of public albums. Will they have their own folder too?

A lot of questions and I really will appreciate if someone can help.

My gallery: