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Title: How to change Time Zone in cpmfetch 2.0
Post by: Kristian38 on January 10, 2011, 02:30:28 am
Hi, how are you? Sorry for my bad English.
First of all tell you that I tried to try to do it alone, searching at the forum, reading the faq, information and have had no success: (so I resort to the forum for help.
I wanted to create a side block with the latest albumnes added, with a photo album name date and time. It works perfectly, just that the time zone is not right for my country "Argentina. "
I am no specialist in php. Vuud The docs are very comprehensive and the result is as follows.

 include_once "./fotos2/cpmfetch/cpmfetch.php";
 $objCpm = new cpm("./fotos2/cpmfetch/cpmfetch_config.php");
 $options = array(
      "imagestyle" => "image",
     "cellstyle" => "prueba",
     "imagelink" => "album",
     "subtitle" => "<div class='facebook'>Album: {{aTitle}}<br>Fecha: {{pCtimeFormatted}}</div></center>",
     "imagewidth" => "150"
 $objCpm->cpm_setDateFormat("d/m/Y H:i");
 $objCpm->cpm_getAlbumListFrom("",10,1, $options);

example: News Album Block (

The question is: How I can change the time zone to GMT -03:00? Hours of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Thank you very much for your help, greetings. Cristian.