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Title: Get to step 8 and install shuts down IIS
Post by: keimosabe on January 07, 2011, 02:28:28 am
I get to step 8 (creating tables) and when I click the button I get a timeout error after about 30 seconds and a SERVER RESET message. At that point I cannot go back, I cannot get onto my other site (same server, different port and home directory)... basically, IIS just shuts down. I can RESTART IIS and it'll come back up, but I cannot get past this point.

I actually managed to create the new database itself, the problem only happens when I attempt to create the tables for it.

Other website is using an ODBC connection for the forum there. This gallery is of course using a local install of MYSQL to connect to. Is there a problem with doing this this way? Or am I missing something else?

I've had no errors at all up to this point but now I'm dead in the water.

I don't want to give out a link to the gallery at this point because if you go check it out and DO ANYTHING with step 8, it will shut down my other site as well and I'm not in a place where I easily get to it to restart it again and I have users on it during the night. If you end up needing the link, I can happily give it to you tomorrow :)

Thanks for the help guys.
Title: Re: Get to step 8 and install shuts down IIS
Post by: keimosabe on January 07, 2011, 09:34:58 pm
after doing some research, I went back and reinstalled Mysql 5.5 and changed the path to just C:\Mysql. Apparently, there seems to be some problem with it loading itself to the default path and spaces in the path name or something. I got completely through the install without a hitch, but now when I attempt to login to the gallery forum, I get:

"PHP has encountered an access violation at *" error. The only place here in the forums that discusses this error,51385.0.html , doesn't offer any help to me. It is listed as [SOLVED], but the last response describing the "solve" doesn't make any sense. Looking on the web, I get discussions about this error haveing to do with older libmysql.dll files being in use (mine are all up to date with the current PHP5 versions), or that file being in the wrong directory (mine is in the correct place) all the way to discussions even pointing out that libmysql.dll isn't even NEEDED any more in newer versions of Mysql.

Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance for any help as well  ;)