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Title: Bug Enlargeit plugin sort order date decending
Post by: deresistance on December 30, 2010, 06:49:31 am
Found a bug with the Enlargeit plugin (version 1.15 latest as of post) with fresh clean install of latest CPG 1.5.10 with the date decending sort order.  By clean install I only installed CPG and the enlargeit plugin nothing else not even a theme change.  I can confirm that changing themes the problem does still exist.   Go to CPG and change the sort order to anything you want but if the order of pictures displayed in an album is "date descending" the bug happens.   I attached a screenshot to show the issue.    I am using the RPGMedia player but the issue does happen with the OS FLV also.  I did try specifying the size of the video in the details in CPG but that does not change the issue.    Please note that the first video file in the gallery WILL display normally its only every video in that album there after that displays improperly.      I am actively working on my gallery so I do not have the sort order displayed bugged if you want me to change it post I will leave it like that for a bit. (        Also I tested this issue only with the latest plugins and not previous versions of CPG or the plugin.   

Love Coppermine keep up the amazing work guys  :D