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Title: skins
Post by: erockguide on June 13, 2004, 04:23:09 pm
I'm redesigning my webpage and want to make everything more seamless. I would like to make a skin for the gallery that better fits in with the rest of the page, including the forum. Can I do this, and how? Thank you.

Oh, and is there a way that users can post pics without being registered?
Title: Re: skins
Post by: Casper on June 13, 2004, 04:32:04 pm
They are called themes in coppermine, and yes, you can change them.  The easiest way is to copy the classic theme, and change the css file.  Look at the demo, chenge it to 'styleguide' theme, and you can see there what bit of the css controls which parts.

You can also edit the template.html.

You can let unregistered users do anything , by going into the groups settings, and changing 'anonymous' as you want.

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