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Title: Still haven't found what I'm looking for...
Post by: shortmort37 on November 22, 2010, 12:03:41 am
Apologies to U2.

I'm really happy I stumbled upon Coppermine - and, to have the opportunity to integrate with my phpBB Forum.  I can see possibilities for someday encapsulating both in a portal (perhaps PortalXL), along with other features...  But, I get ahead of myself.

I'm looking for a way to include multimedia along with images in galleries.  Here's my newbie synopsis:

1) Out of the box, Coppermine 1.5.8 is a dream.  It has a reasonable navigation interface, permits presentation of thumbs, intermediate size images, and full-size; but, there isn't support for flash video.  On my phpBB forum, I'm able to incorporate the JW FLV Player using BBCode - but, I don't see a way to incorporate this in Coppermine.  A nice feature of vanilla Coppermine is that users are able to provide comments.

2) EnlargeIt! has a really slick navigation interface - particularly, when combined with ImageFlow.  And, it supports flash video as just another object in the gallery.  However, I can either launch an intermediate size from a thumb, or full-size; I don't see a way to launch an intermediate, and from there have an option to present the full-size (except, to download it).  Plus, I lose the ability for users to add comments.

3) LightBox Slide show has a navigation mechanism that's not quite as slick as EnlargeIt!, but an improvement on vanilla Coppermine; and I retain the ability for users to add comments.  But again, no ability to incorporate flash.

In an ideal world, I'd be able to have a slick navigation interface like EnlargeIt!, launch an intermediate from thumbs and navigate among the intermediates, optionally launch a full size, and embed flash along with images in the gallery - while preserving the option to attach and view comments.

Do one of these three options provide what I'm looking for, and I've missed the capability somehow?  Are there yet other options out there that I haven't explored?  Please advise.


Title: Re: Still haven't found what I'm looking for...
Post by: shortmort37 on November 22, 2010, 01:30:16 am
Hold the bus!  I just stumbled upon this:,62704.0.html

A flash player plugin for Coppermine.  So, while the other interfaces are slick - (1) looks like the best option for me, combined with the JW Player plugin, for now.  It gives me flash, user comments, and a reasonable navigation interface.  Works for me!