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Title: [Invalid]: Some wont upload?
Post by: cmm14513 on July 10, 2010, 01:47:16 pm
OK I have a person who does screencaps for me, and she says this. I have just had a new layout from some reason and since we got the new layout we've been having issues. I can't ask the person who made it because she's on vocation now.

A)I hope we don't have to change the gallery look,cause it's my favorite

B)Everytime I uploaded something,it would NOT show the preview,only an "X",and tell me the script needs time to add the pics,but whatever.I worked through that.

C)Since Tuesday: this is the REAL issue now.Everytime I go to mass add the entire album of whatever said pics I am trying to upload,the entire album will now,NOT all load.I have to keep "batch adding files" at least 6-9 times,for everything in the album to be added to the gallery.Like,for instance,it'll only maybe add like 25 pics once,then I will have to batch add the same file again,and another time,and more times.You know what I mean?It won't all load the first time I upload it now,as it used to,so now,I have to continually batch add the same file SEVERAL times.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this problem.
Title: Re: Some wont upload?
Post by: Joe Carver on July 10, 2010, 02:34:25 pm
You will need to upgrade your cpg version 1.4.25 to version 1.4.27 first.

When you are done read and follow these instructions if and when you return.

4.11.4 Upload troubleshooting ( 
And if needed:
4.11.5 Asking for support on upload issues (http://ttp://
Title: Re: Some wont upload?
Post by: cmm14513 on July 11, 2010, 02:44:12 am
now i'm having this problem if I do restore factory defualts will I loose all the images and skins?
Title: Re: Some wont upload?
Post by: cmm14513 on July 11, 2010, 02:57:51 am
    [ID] => ceeb288f04b989750f27a718881849af
    [am] => 1
    [lang] => english
    [liv] => Array
            [user_id] => 1
    [user_name] => cmm14513
    [groups] => Array

    [disk_max] => 0
    [disk_min] => 0
    [can_rate_pictures] => 1
    [can_send_ecards] => 1
    [ufc_max] => 3
    [ufc_min] => 3
    [custom_user_upload] => 0
    [num_file_upload] => 5
    [num_URI_upload] => 3
    [can_post_comments] => 1
    [can_upload_pictures] => 1
    [can_create_albums] => 1
    [has_admin_access] => 1
    [pub_upl_need_approval] => 0
    [priv_upl_need_approval] => 0
    [group_name] => Administrators
    [upload_form_config] => 3
    [group_quota] => 0
    [can_see_all_albums] => 1
    [group_id] => 1

Title: [Invalid]: Re: Some wont upload?
Post by: onthepike on July 11, 2010, 03:18:37 am
You blatantly ignored Joe who advised you to update. You have been instructed to update for months now. You continue to completely ignore just about every board rule that exists. You fail to read the documentation. You don't search the board. You seem not to want to do anything to help yourself.

Since you have moved away from your original subject and onto something else, you have rendered your own thread invalid. One subject per thread. Therefore, this thread is now closed.

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Title: Re: [Invalid]: Some wont upload?
Post by: Phill Luckhurst on July 11, 2010, 04:00:05 am
Well said that man.

Clearly shows the op has ignored advice to upgrade since March. Do so now or you will get no more support. We will always help those willing to help themselves and heed advice. If you choose to ignore that advice then you just waste our time and we are not prepared to put up with that. You have one last chance or all your future threads will be ignored. Upgrade now and if you still have problems then start a new thread obeying all the rules you have been told about so many times. It is not hard for those not too lazy to read them or read advice given.