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Title: Mac OS X?
Post by: webby1991 on June 15, 2010, 11:58:37 pm
A since webdeveloper who's disappeared created my website 4 years ago using coppermine. I'm trying to get6 it updated and only use a mac right now.  Is this program compatible for a Mac (OS X 10.6).

Thx in advance!
Title: Re: Mac OS X?
Post by: onthepike on June 16, 2010, 12:24:56 am
You're not speaking of running Coppermine locally on your Mac, you're speaking of using your Mac to access the web (server) to FTP (modify/access/etc) files, correct? Of course, in this case. Please see Basic Information ( and Board Rules (,55415.msg270616.html#msg270616) and Upgrading (
Title: Re: Mac OS X?
Post by: Joachim Müller on June 16, 2010, 07:30:57 am
Coppermine is a web server application that runs independandtly of the operating system. It simply doesn't matter what OS you use. As Joe suggested, read up the documentation and follow board rules.
You have probably posted this in the wrong section of the board, so it's important to do as suggested and post a link to your gallery for a start to enable us to move your thread accordingly.
Title: Re: Mac OS X?
Post by: webby1991 on June 17, 2010, 05:36:45 pm
Sorry I'm new to this but now freaking out a bit as the guy who did my website is completely AWOL and I now can't even get into my gallery.  I get all kinds of warnings as noted  below.

Also when I log in or try it says my web browser doesn't accept cookies which isn't true.  Can I just copy the latest coppermine program into my folder and it will replace the old one or am I way way in over my head.  I'm in a really unfortunate situation.

thx and sorry if I've inadvertently broke any rules.
Title: Re: Mac OS X?
Post by: webby1991 on June 17, 2010, 05:38:09 pm
btw if the link doesn't work the attachment is what I see

Title: Re: Mac OS X?
Post by: onthepike on June 17, 2010, 05:48:41 pm
<!--Coppermine Photo Gallery 1.3.3-->

According to your gallery statistics, you currently have 0 files in 0 albums, unless your entire gallery is private?

If your gallery is completely empty, I would suggest a complete re-install as opposed to an update or upgrade. First, FTP into the Coppermine directory and verify that the gallery is indeed empty. If it is not, you will want to update.

You can reset the admin password via phpMyAdmin.

Please read the sections in the docs regarding updating. This forum offers a wealth of information regarding resetting an admin password.
Title: Re: Mac OS X?
Post by: webby1991 on June 18, 2010, 02:05:28 am
thx I will look at the documentation but does this program require a significant programming/webdesign background?
Title: Re: Mac OS X?
Post by: onthepike on June 18, 2010, 02:28:10 am
The program, not unlike any database-driven php-based script requires regular maintenance in the way of updating ( when necessary (,65023.0.html), as well as your basic html. css, file structure and directory setting/permission knowledge which you probably already have. If not, you'll want to do a bit of reading on those subjects. Note however, no HTML or CSS knowledge is actually necessary to use Coppermine. It becomes necessary only when and if you want to modify themes ( or update your 1.3.3 theme to 1.4.27 compatibility (

A few tools you might require (and will want to get better acquainted with) are phpMyAdmin and a good FTP program, such as FileZilla ( that runs on your Mac. Regarding phpMyAdmin, that comes bundled with your hosting package. You'll find it within the Databases section of your cPanel (

Regarding Coppermine itself, it will run just fine on your host right out of the box with minimal input from you. Since you already have a version of Coppermine installed, copy locally (download a backup) of your /include/ file which contains all data to connect with your database (username, password, etc). This will allow you to reuse the current database for a new installation (if you so wish) by entering that data into the new installation form fields when prompted by Coppermine. If, however, you decide to update/upgrade, you'll want to leave that file right where it is and instead of "installing", you'll update. This information (and so much more) is in the documentation. Download the latest Coppermine package and use the docs that come with the recent download.

Lastly, regarding your error messages, I'm confident they will disappear once you have updated.

If you have lost your password (admin or otherwise), the best way to reset it is with phpMyAdmin.

Once you are in the phpMyAdmin you will see the databases on the left. Click on the db that belongs to Coppermine. On the left you will see the tables. Now Coppermine will tell you your password is stored in xxx_users. Here is where my problem began. I would have thought xxx would have been the version number. In my case it was not. It was pics_users. You must click on the icon to the left of the text or you won't get the right screen.

If you lost your admin password look under the column titled user_id. Look for the 1. That is admin. To the left of that column is a pencil icon (that means edit). Click on it. You now should have fields you can write in.

To the right of the row called user_pass is the encrypted password. Erase that and fill it with this:


That will make the password admin. Do not under any circumstances leave the password field blank. Go to the bottom of the page and just above the light bulb it should say Save. If it does click the Go button. Exit phpMyAdmin by going to the exit icon at the upper left corner.

Type in the url of your Coppermine page. Login with your user name and the password admin. Go to users and find your adminstrator name. Click on the edit icon just to the right of your admin name. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the change my password button. Enter your current password which is admin. Type in your new password. Then retype it. Click the change my password button. If all went well you will see a message saying password successfully change.

Your next step is to download the most recent package of your choice (1.4.27 (,65023.0.html) or 1.5.6 (,65278.0.html)) and begin either updating or installing. If you decide to make a clean install of it, I'd opt for the 1.5.6 version. If you are updating, you might prefer the comfortableness of the 1.4.27 version. Your choice.

But read the documentation ( Everything you need to know to get started and either update or install is fully outlined for you in step-by-step fashion.

Good luck!

[Edited to add some helpful links]
Title: Re: Mac OS X?
Post by: phill104 on June 19, 2010, 10:33:38 pm
thx I will look at the documentation but does this program require a significant programming/webdesign background?

Have you just installed this? Did you use your hosts installer to do so? It does sound from that line that you have not used coppermine before.

Please give us more info.