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Title: Hiding categories
Post by: moorey on October 17, 2003, 10:05:47 am
One feature I thought would be useful is to have options for categories just as there are for albums. The difference obviously are related to the category itself since categories cannot contain any pictures - only albums (sorry, had to state the obvious here).

One of them options is the ability to hide a category; One of my many categories has about more or less 100 albums, not a single filled up yet - still trying to sort the pictures - in the mean time doing that, the albums are displayed with 0 pictures and it's certainly not very nice looking on the front page, specially when you have so many empty albums in the category.

Would be nice if I could hide it and fill up the albums and then unhide it when I'm ready to show.

Another way is to have a permanently-hidden category - instead of deleting albums (for various reasons) or say, you have empty albums you're preparing for, you could move it to the hidden category so it does not show up. When you're ready, push them back to the original areas.

Title: Hiding categories
Post by: Zarsky on October 17, 2003, 03:51:10 pm

I like the second idea of have a "publishing delayed" category, and once you wanted the pics live you just moved the albums into "live" categories or the main tree.  I think having the ability to hide any category is pretty much useless....but having one special cat sounds like a good idea to me.
Title: Just hide empty albums
Post by: spriggig on March 01, 2004, 09:22:59 pm
How about just hiding all empty albums? I'm guessing this would be easyish to implement as a mod.