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Title: [Turned Down]: Online Upload
Post by: sard on February 28, 2010, 05:56:05 pm
It will save time if coppermine could have extension for browsers (or some other solution) that can give possibility to upload picture posted somewhere on Internet. Like, right click upload to coopermine and with previous imported settings giving the needed information. Which Album, which category, name of the file, description. Picture/file is uploaded. Probably first will be temporairily downloaded then uploaded. This will save a lot of time for many users. Sometimes users of coppermine doesn't upload just because needs to upload not only the image (which also takes time) but also to save the surrounding text in description of the image. This will solve the issue.
Title: Re: Online Upload
Post by: Joachim Müller on February 28, 2010, 08:38:52 pm
Remote storage has been requested many times over. It get's re-posted every now and then on the feature requests board (like your posting). We have reasons why we don't implement that and you're welcome to review one of the many previous threads where we went into details why we won't do what you're requesting. Marking thread accordingly.