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Title: Only found one problem so far...
Post by: Cruez on October 17, 2003, 06:31:50 am
Regarding my post Here (

I upgraded to 1.2

The only problem I have now is this when I log out from Coppermine...

"An Error Has Occurred!
Session check failure. Please try again"

here is the link that its going to....


Shouldn't there be a variable after the sesc=    ????
Title: Only found one problem so far...
Post by: Zarsky on October 17, 2003, 03:34:02 pm
which bbs are you integrated with?  The link in the bridge file is not attaching the session ID to the end of the URL...if you look in the specific bridge file you aer using for the logout link you may be able to figure out which variable is missing or not parsign correctly.

EDIT: Sorry I posted too quickly...I beleive their are outstanding issues surrounding the BBS integration.  It is after all experimental.  Anyways search this board and the old board for all information regarding the phpbb integration.  Jack is working to clean up the bridge files so the integration across BBS is better supported.  There is NO timeline currently available when the next release with better BBS support will be available.

EDIT #2: is too early in the morning...I see you are in fact using the yabbse bridge file....I use this bridge file on my site with no problems.  Perhaps you have accidently changed the from the original package, and edit the bridge file to point to your yabbse Settings.php and comment out the proper bridge file link in