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Title: FATAL error with mod pack 1.4.24 + cpg1.4.25 (stable) + mybb 1.4.9
Post by: wolf359 on November 07, 2009, 09:10:09 am
I get the "Fatal error" after i have installed the modpacks and everything seems functional upto the point I tried bridging. I used the bridge file that worked fine for me without the modpacks installed.

I have followed the steps correctly, all folders loaded from mod pack preserving the directory structure and then proceeded to execute update.php and then tried to bridge the cpg to myBB.

If I tried bridging the board, I get the "FATAL error" and then i have go into the bridgemanager recovery mode and disable bridging to make CPG usable again.

Without the modpacks isntalled the standalone 1.4.25 cpg works perfectly fine with the custom mybb bridge file that was explained and provided in this support community. It seems the problem comes in bridging after the mod pack is installed.

Currently I have removed the modpacks and reinstalled the base cpg 1.4.25 (stable) and have left it at that after several trials to see where the problem seems to be coming from. It has something to do with the bridging files. Not sure if the birdge manager supplied with the modpack has significant changes compred to the one supplied with the base cpg 1.4.25 zip file.

My database for the myBB is MySQLi and it has its own databse while there is another database for cpg. Everything bridged fine without the modpaks installed. If you disable the bridging, the standalone cpg with the modpaks works prefeclty fine as well. That is the strange thing, it seems the modpacks alter the way it bridges after the mod files are loaded and updated.
Title: Re: FATAL error with mod pack 1.4.24 + cpg1.4.25 (stable) + mybb 1.4.9
Post by: Stramm on November 07, 2009, 09:21:56 am
No one has adapted yet the bridge file for your bulletin board for the use with the modpack. You'll have to do that yourself if you know your way around php, your forum soft and coppermine,28367.0.html