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Title: [Closed]: SEF URL with Album Name : i did that.
Post by: nish on October 18, 2009, 07:31:29 am
Dear Friends,
          i was trying hard to make it work. SEF URL with coppermine that also include album name because that only can give me good ranking on google and other search engines.

i have almost done it. but still there are some url for which i am unable to add album name.

some examples what i was albe to do. >> >> see the album name her after thumbnails.
similer url in film strip too...

what i was unable to do is.
i updated this to
and url rewite made it look like
but it says abum or file does not exits.
page nevigation.

Home > Bollywood Unlimited > Bollywood Actors... > Aamir Khan
here  is pointing "Amir Khan album"
i want to add the album name and modify the url like this

but i could not found a way to do that.
for the above url that are working great for me. i added the album name to url by adding function from sample/theme.php to mytheme/theme.php and modify the function. i also updated the code of codebase.php and .htaccess to acheive that.

if any one can tell me from where exectly i can update the the above url then it will a great addon to coppermine. as people will love to use coppermine as it will become the best SEO friendly Gallery

You guys are expert and i know can help me out to make a worth plugin for coppermine.

Title: Re: SEF URL with Album Name : i did that.
Post by: papukaija on November 28, 2009, 04:03:40 pm
The SEF plugin is experimental and not recommended for production use.

Your gallery is running cpg 1.4.14, you should upgrade it as soon as possible to fix security issues.
Title: Re: SEF URL with Album Name : i did that.
Post by: Joachim Müller on November 29, 2009, 06:34:07 pm
Hey, nish/niks (or whatever your real name is). I wish I could say "welcome back", but you are not welcome: you have been banned (,48123.0.html) permanently and you're not allowed to re-register under another nickname, although you have done so several times already. Adding your new "identity" to the ban record (;sa=edit;bg=178) that contains your old nicknames that you have registered with in the past. Don't be stupid: it's easier for us to ban you than it it for you to re-register. Do us all a favor and stay away for good, OK? Farewell!
I wonder how stupid a person can be: you have been told so often that you need to upgrade that it hurts. This has not changed since we told you last time. Thanks for remaining so stupid. I hope someone teaches you about the need to upgrade the hard way... ;)