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Title: Bug? Same thumbnails for files with same base file name?
Post by: aaalexxx on September 19, 2009, 04:23:07 pm
Hi there,

this might not really be a bug, but at least it's not perfect in my opinion: Today I uploaded some pictures and videos to batch insert them within coppermine. The pictures where named 001.jpg, 002.jpg, ... whereas the videos where named, and so on. All of them where uploaded into the same directory. After inserting them into an album I figured out that the pictures and the videos had the same thumbnails (i. e. had the same thumbnail as 001.jpg, namely thumb_001.jpg) although they should have been different.

Then I found out that the thumbnail file is named after the original file's base name, so the thumbnail for 001.jpg and would be thumb_001.jpg. I assume that the thumbnails for the image files where generated first and when the thumbnails for the video files where to be generated the files already existed. Although it was really easy to get around this (deleting, renaming and reuploading the video files did the job), it might be more convenient to name the thumbnail after the full original file name (i. e. thumb_001_jpg.jpg).

Thanks for your great project and keep up the good work!