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Title: Usenet NNTP Protocol
Post by: Zeroshade on May 10, 2009, 11:20:15 pm
I'd like to see a feature that allows the administrator to populate categories with pictures from a usenet newsgroup, as an example, if you've got a Album about aviation, and you've got access to a usenet server, you can choose to populate this album with pictures from the newsgroup

I'm pretty sure the protocol and decoding classes are available around the internet, yeah it's still a lot of work I guess but it would be nice to have fresh content added to your gallery 24/7.

* NNTP server address, port, username and password.

* Content approval or direct display

* Quota for the maximum file size of each MIME Type to download from the newsgroup.

* Type of Material to gather, Pictures, Video Clips etc..

* Integrated Decoding, yEnc, UUENCODE, Base64, BinHex.

* Cron feature?