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Title: Is there way for users to all upload to the same album?
Post by: FrankPC on May 10, 2009, 10:57:19 pm
I really like this package!  I am displaying photos and links (use 'anycontent.php' to handle the links) on my website.

In an effort to make the upload process dirt simple, is there a way to skip the album selection pull down window, which is displayed during the upload process?

That is, just eliminate that choice and allow all photos to go into the same folder?

I would prefer not to give the users the ability to create, list, and select albums.  My plan at this time is to display all photos uploaded in the "random files" window. 

If the number of photos gets above a level that hampers performance, I will have to use albums, but I would prefer to use albums named/categorized by date range rather than by user. 

Thank you for your time,