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Title: Slideshow, and a little problem
Post by: Deus on May 08, 2009, 05:29:36 pm
This post is probably in the wrong section, if so, sorry, and could a mod please move it to the correct one, thanks.

I have a slideshow code that uses cpg to display images..

the point of the code is to show a selection of images from a certain album.
If you click the image that is being show, it takes you to the "fullsize" image.
I want it to take you to the actual album, and normal_ image so a user can vote on it.

So can anyone give me some pointers how to do this please?
The script goes into the db, using album id, and fetches images to be displayed from that album.
Then when a user clicks on it, it takes you to the fullsize image, as said previously, how can I get the script to take you to the album...
instead of

In simple terms, why does the PID Number in the URL when on the Normal_ voting screen reset to 0, can it be changed to keep its original PID number its given in the Pictures Table in the Database
Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Slideshow, and a little problem
Post by: Deus on May 08, 2009, 06:11:19 pm
ok, let me rephrase this..
how does cpg get from picture ID, to album ID and position from just the pid?
Where does cpg assign the album id and position in the database?
Title: Re: Slideshow, and a little problem
Post by: Enigma7802 on May 08, 2009, 06:33:46 pm
Ok more Info:

When am image is Upload, Its Assigned a PID Number  for an example: Pid Number: 2202

When you view the Image in Full Screen, It does this Using the PID Number
As the example above

But when we look at this image in an album is does not Use its own PID Number,
The Album assigns it a New PID number,
It assigns it a Number Pending on what possions its in in the Album

I.e. Album A has 5 Images, My Image is Possion 2, And assigned a PID number of 2
Its Ignored the original PID number it was assigned when it was Added to the Gallery (2202)

Is this new PID Number in the album getting its Info from the Database or is it generated on the search (Generating the PID numbers from the Script Its not recorded anywhere)

The reason we ask this:

I have wrote a script that displays a Fading Slideshow, this is linked to the Coppermine DB,
The idea of the script it will load X amount of images from an Album and Randomly display them,

When the mouse is Over it will Pause, When the Mouse is click ont he image it will link you to the Gallery Section
(Where you have the Preview of other images at the bottom and a voting system)

The problem is i have coded my script to work on Radom and to use the Original PID Number each image is given
when when the image is clicked on it out puts something like this: 
This is incorrect but if its it works

pos=4 in the galley needs to be pos=2202  my script would work,

Or i need to know where it gets the POS fromt he database,

I hope this makes things little more clear or i have confused things too much
Title: Re: Slideshow, and a little problem
Post by: Deus on May 17, 2009, 04:01:24 am
is there anything you need to help us sort this?
It's a pretty good script, but it's frustrating the hell out of enigma.
We just dont seem to ba able to fix this.