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Title: how do i leave a comment in coppermine gallery?
Post by: danyelle6974 on February 01, 2009, 07:15:18 pm
I thought this board was offering help to newbies with galleries. If someone if going to spend time answering this having a go at me for doing something wrong then locking this thread then I'd at least appreciate an actual answer to my query before you do so.

I know about setting permissions for my users to be allowed to leave comments. I have the settings under groups allowing rating and comments. I have looked in user mode and I have also set myself up an account as a non-admin so i can view my gallery as my members would but I still can't find where to leave comments. I looked at the demo coppermine gallery to try and find an icon or a link to leave a comment on an image but it is the same icons as mine.

This isn't about reading literature as I have read everything about comments I also searched this forum before posting) but I still can't find how to leave comments. It was said here,57829.0/ that the coppermine demo gallery doesn't have all the features that a full coppermine has. If this applies to comments why are there comments on photos and why does it say in the FAQ that in order to leave a comment you just click on a thumb, scroll down and leave a comment?

Leaving a comment or rating a photo may be real easy for you and you may think I am thick, haven't looked, am lazy or taking the mickey but for me who has only just installed a coppermine gallery for the first time it is not intuitive and I really can't find how to do it. I click on the little speech bubble icon to hope to leave a comment and that reports the image to admin. The little envelope is to send it as an ecard. I can't see anymore icons. There's no "leave a comment" link underneath the photo where the comments go so I don't know how to leave a comment. Maybe I have got a setting wrong or done something wrong and someone can help? Maybe someone can describe or point me towards a piece of literature that says explicitly how to leave a comment (where exactly to click)?

Title: Re: how do i leave a comment in coppermine gallery?
Post by: Nibbler on February 01, 2009, 07:25:49 pm
Make sure you enabled comments for the album in album properties. Board rules say to post a link to your gallery. If you do this then it's easier for us to see how your gallery is configured. If comments are enabled then it will be obvious how to post them; you just scroll down to the comment box and start typing.
Title: Re: how do i leave a comment in coppermine gallery?
Post by: Joachim Müller on February 01, 2009, 08:14:54 pm
switched to user mode
Read the docs to find out what the admin mode / user mode toggle is meant to be used for.
I already told you that you can't use "user mode" to see what users can or can't do. I told you to look this up (

Board rules say to post a link to your gallery.
That's what I told you in the other thread as well:
If your problems persist after having read the docs, read the board rules thread and then start new threads if applicable.
Start doing as suggested: read up board rules and read up the docs. We mean it!