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Title: Photo labs?
Post by: Einstein on April 27, 2004, 01:31:51 am
Have anyone tried som integration with some photo lab into CPG? Any sucess or any companies that have been intresting?

Would be nice somehow that my friends could directly order photos. Any thoughts about how it could work? What's the shortest "path" to make a order for the moment (in CPG 1.3.)? Is there any suitable MODs?

My suggestions, functional:
- Built in shopping cart system (can be disabled)
- You add photos to shopping cart (try to search for: shopping cart)
- Click some order buton
- Select company for order, links to prices and so
- Click order from this photo lab

What's the status in your country on this sector?

Here in Finland I have found these companies (I will try to keep the list up to date):
Uploading of pics: Own client software, web browsing
10x13: 0,25 e/photo
Own album: 10 Mb + 100 Mb for 10e/year
Uploading of pics: Java web based upload, web browsing
Price: 10x13: 0,16 e/photo
Uploading of pics: PhotoLink (
Own album: 100 Mb + 50 Mb for 2,5e/month
Price: depends on company

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