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Title: Question about Downloading Pics
Post by: erika_conn on January 15, 2009, 05:07:45 pm
Currently, I have small images on my site to save space.  Also, I don't want them right clicking and "save as" for free.  I noticed in photo shop that there is an option to download.  How does that work?  Obviously, I am not going to have the large images sitting on my site so how do they get to download the large images after paying? 

Could you explain how that works?

Also, how many dpi should the downloaded images have?  Do I have to make them all 300 dpi or will 180 dpi do?

Title: Re: Question about Downloading Pics
Post by: Stramm on January 15, 2009, 06:31:56 pm
That's not related to the modpack at all, please read the photo shop announcement thread first. If you've still have questions ask on the plugins board... or maybe just try to see how it works (orig pics stay on the server and get protected by htaccess - as said... that you can read in the announcement thread).

The dpi question doesn't really apply, too... We're talking about digital images that users can download. If you sell them 2400x1600px pics (3.8 mpx)  than that's good enough for 15x10cm prints -> ~380 dpi (on the print). If your users print a 30x20cm pix, then they have half the dpi